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Being what I think to be the best of both worlds, I am a Bostonian native living in NYC.  My  design destiny began at a small technical high school in Massachusetts. I knew then that creativity was something that I needed in my life. I spent years trying to fine tune my passion and found that a career in design was most definitely an avenue that I would want to pursue. Later I went on to college to start my first degree in graphic design.


With design you usually make pretty things but being able to make pretty things that can in fact be produced in the print world is something of a different animal. I knew that I could only learn so much with design but that production was needed to give me a more well rounded background. While completing my second degree in production management for printing I worked as a designer in various firms. With my knowledge in production it allowed me to transform my role within the companies I worked for. I went from designer to a production manager. Those roles fit my need to organize and at the same time filled my creative urge.

Now I spend my time designing for myself as a freelance designer. Most of my clients have worked with me for many years and have become more friend than client. I could only hope that for many years to come that I get to spend my time working while doing what I love.

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